So here we are almost 12 years later.  We offer fast and friendly service on all our repairs. Most tke about 5 to 10 minutes for a screen repair but not only do we fix screens we do data recovery and board level repairs.

About us in a nutshell

We have been in the computer repair industry for over eleven years. Everything from computer repair, networking to creating software for companies. Masters of the trade not only by school, but hands on working with real life situations. We stay uptodate with all latest software, hardware, and are able to create our own software hardware to enrich our clients.

We have focused on Apple Products in the last three years and mastered the art of repairing all apple products. Apple Products are very careful crafted pieces of master pieces. They require a master craftsmen to work on them.

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Why use iDoctor?

Great Service
Its not often when you can walk in and get your Apple Product repaired while you wait and have it looking like new in about 5 to 10 minutes.
We only use high quality Parts
We journeyed through China till finally we made straight contact with Foxcon to purchase our parts direct from the manufactuer.
Many Years of experience
We have been working on iPhones since 2008 and the iPod since 2006 7 years of experience with Apple portable products.

Our Professional staff

  • Troy Rochelle
    Hello world I am Troy Rochelle and now in 2021 i...
  • Raymond Reed
    New Franchisee Raymond D Reed 2018. Now in 2021 he is...
  • Freddy Durango
    Fredy Durango has been a Franchise owner for 6 years now...
  • Troy Rochelle Jr
    Troy Rochelle Jr has been repairing for 7 years and is...
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